How to Quickscope in COD WW2 | Sniper Montage Type Multiplayer Gameplay Tutorial | Call of Duty WWII

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How to quickscope in Cod WW2. An in depth Call of Duty WW2 sniping tutorial with tips for sniper multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty WWII. Make a sniper montage after learning the best sniper in Cod WW2, my custom class setup, a bunch of sniping strategies, and more. Sub for Cod WW2 sniper and quickscoping gameplays, montages, new heroic varients, camos, and tutorials.


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  1. I don't get it, how you aim opponent… Impossible for me… I can't figure out, how you know, that you'll hit 'em… Everytime someone quickscope me, looks like a God damn aim-bot, lol. I want to learn it, but it seems uber hard for me, lol.

  2. 4:53 Its not quickscoping, then its called dragscoping🙃 If u wanna quickscope better u have to get better at centering the target right in the middel og ur crossers. Quickscoping is when u take the shot the seconde ur scope comes up😁👌

  3. I think all the guys that are way too good at this use aim bots….ive seen kill cams where guys have made a complete 180 and killed a guy they didn't even see

  4. well hey! i just found your channel searing for better understanding the quick scoping , and really liked your vids… any chance you will be playing PUBG tho??? was really hoping to see you in active in it!

    but any how, thanks man, you're awesome. <3

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