Just a little Fortnite fun! Tank Penny FTW!

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Fortnite is a new game in early access that I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately! Its such an interesting blend of games! I think its only going to get better with time. I spent most of my time playing Tank Penny this stream who’s a constructor!! And I do love base building. Thanks for watching!!



  1. She's not just A Constructor, she's THE Constructor who can fight! At low level, damage drops off, unless you have Combat bonuses. Soldiers are made of combat bonuses. Ninjas too, in Melee. Penny is the only one that can build a BASE, roll up her sleeves, tap her palm with a heavy wrench, and grin. When the fight starts, she doesn't have to stay back, and repair walls, she can wade in, and dish it out with the best of them. She still doesn't kill them as quick as a Soldier, or a Ninja, but neither one of them can take the pounding she can.

  2. I downloaded the Battle Royale section and it's pretty fun, even though I haven't killed anyone yet. I do make it to top 20 half the time. Subscribed.

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