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DICE is creating another massive soldier visibility update for Battlefield 5 and it’s coming very soon! Further details here:
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  1. I just started playing this game and is there a hit detection issue ? I’m not a noob to but I really struggle in gun fights when I know shots are landing but I’m losing the fight . Just curious!

  2. They need to just make graphics how it was bf1 never had to squint to see someone in distance or have 3x scoops and lighting was way better I feel like players are too small for 1 and blend into every building and corner the slowest and most boring bf yet smh

  3. Not really a fan of this. I like the game, but the series keeps getting more and more like a fast paced run n' gun, where you should be able to sprint around and see everyone instantly. I miss when the series encouraged a bit more thought.

  4. Am I the only one who literally hasn't had a single problem with visibility since launch? This isn't cod, check your corners and be more attentive instead of playing on autopilot.

  5. To help ppl stop complaining about visibility, bring spotting back. Whats the point of having a invisible light above the player, check your corners like bf4 days.

  6. At least the sniperclass should not be affected by these changes because everyone knows they rely on camo. And since only headshots kill people on 100% health your’e most of the time dead up close due to the slow firerate of a boltaction.

  7. As Capt Price once said… "Check those corners!"

    I thought viability was fine, people blend in using camo or uniforms to… help them blend in, but now people stand out so big that I can snipe them across the map…. With a plane, THATS an issue. If players are rushing too hard and arent paying attention, thats their fault. The big problem is that lighting and graphics are NOT the same across the board unlike console. You have people playing in Ultra with everything maxed out, then you have try hards with everything low. Sure some people have toasters but graphic settings change alot and if there is no medium then someone is getting the short end of the straw… It sucks how some player wear camo to match the map, just to end up glowing…

  8. All we will have to do now is actually use the winter cosmetics on winter maps and more woodland type camos on woodland maps and desert camos on desert maps. I see nothing wrong with this.

  9. So can we get rid of enemies rolling on the floor in pain after someone blew them up? I don't know how often I ignored a enemy laying on his back because I thought he was just in the downed state.

  10. Add another comment in favor of dark areas being a tactical consideration. What's next? "We the community can't clearly see enemies around corners. We demand that Dice remove all walls from the game. In fact, remove anything that can provide any opposing player with any advantage whatsoever." SMH.

    If y'all are afraid of the dark, play outside. Lol.

  11. Jesus, whatever dice does gets bad feedback.

    Fans: fix the visibillity
    Dice: fixes visibillity
    Fans: too much guys, now it looks like they have a spotlight on them
    Dice: tweaks it
    Fans: nOw I cAnT sEe ThE eNemIeS!

  12. dice can eat a pile of sh** since the last patch the game is an absolute garbage , i don't see myself still playin this in the future , from the start this game was bad and it just gettin worse .

  13. They should fix the company coin problems because they said that they give you 2000 company coins but sometimes they give you 1000 or don’t even give you nothing😡

  14. I'm freakin colorblind with 19/20 vision and I haven't had any issues since launch.. I think people are blind as hell or using visibility as an excuse because they are getting dumped on . Now players are going to be glowing like a light bulb and it's going to look stupid. "Git gud" noobs that will fix your visibility💡

  15. Why would they change the visibility again? The last patch was good enough.. We don't want to be glowing because someone isn't looking properly. This update will be terrible for hardcore BFV fans

  16. Yeah disliking this sorry. I dont struggle to see other players at all. If someone is stationary and set up somewhere, they deserve not to be lit up like a Christmas tree. Just trying to make the game even more casual, and away from true battlefield

  17. Who would want glowing characters??? What's the purpose of the camo then? Jesus the idea of "better visibility" is stupid. We want a game that's close to reality as much as possible and this is going far far away from what battlefield is.

  18. Didn't think visibility was a problem, but don't really mind that it was changed. Also, DICE please give us presets for soldiers. I hate running white camo on a green map just because I don't want to waste time going through menus. That would be amazing. Keep up the better work!

  19. This update is unnecessary. Quit jumping around corners like it's counter strike and complaining when someone who set up in a better tactical position kills you. Stop trying to make this COD.

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