Modern Warfare Multiplayer Finally Added THIS…

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New Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Tactical Infiltration! This new cod modern warfare teaser shows off a new Multiplayer feature called Infil. Now Modern Warfare will provide a much needed new cool way for you to start up matches in multiplayer. This is not the only Tactical Infiltration Within Modern Warfare Multiplayer I’m sure we will see many other variations of infil on different multiplayer maps. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment down below!

Modern Warfare…


  1. I’m looking forward to Thursday, I don’t want to say I’m hyped because I don’t want to be let down when the game drops but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

  2. You should definitely try barebones out again in BO4 Thunder… I played last couple nights and didn’t see hardly any snipers, now this may be because of the bolt action playlist p but I really enjoyed myself playing it,

  3. Most COD fans are suckers Thunder, don’t feel bad lol, everyone is April for a few months then the game is dead within a couple months…. I would like to say that infinity ward is going to change that but I’m not, because, I just don’t think it’s going to happen, not saying Modern Warfare will be bad but we all get excited and hyped every year and we’re let down.

  4. Can't believe you said you're tired of CoD trying to turn itself into a tactical shooter. That is some funny shit. It is literally the main arcade shooter on consoles. It hasn't strayed far from that since MW2 probably. I would love to see a tactical call of duty.

  5. Disappointed one too many times to be excited about cod. It looks ok I suppose, I’m not so interested in how I arrive at the start of the game, as much as how the maps flow, weapon balance and re-inclusion of specialist bonus perks.

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