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A new update is releasing in Battlefield 5 soon with more game changing elements. #Battlefield5 #BF5 #BattlefieldV MY SPONSOR: [Gaming Green Screens from Webaround!] -

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  1. The new patch on PC keeps changing my Nvidia Profile Inspector settings for the SLI Profile. This means that SLI no longer functions for me.. Hopefully someone can figure this out. I have tried all day and I cannot make it work.

    Why was this removed? SLI never worked in BFV unless you made the profile yourself.. Why take it away?
    – To sell new graphics cards i know.. but really. I'm just disappointed and mad!

    If people were interested I was using the Battlefront 2 (2017) compatability bits: 0x080112f5
    changed to DX10_FOUR
    changed to Force_AFR

  2. This won't make me come back to the game. Not even the new weapons could make me come back. I couldn't bare playing just to unlock the new guns anymore cos of the lack of maps in squad conquest. Tired of playing the same old lifeless maps in this game. THIS GAME NEEDS MORE MAPS AND MORE WW2.

  3. The Ke7 was the least of my worries, out of a 64 player sever the 5 support players were either using MMGs or the Lewis. The rest were assaults spamming the M1 carbine. and a few recons.

  4. They need to fix the revives, if I shoot a player in the head they shouldn't be able to be revived, or blown up. And the shotguns do little to no damage compared to bf1 they are garbage in this game. Dice really fucked up when they let EA get their dick beaters on this game.

  5. Thank God for the F tank readjustments because the fact that I shot a large group of players with a shell and not a single one even took damage or descant damage.😠 I'm glad this is getting fixed now I can enjoy murdering players with tanks.

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