NEW CONTENT COMING TO COD WWII! New Guns & Unreleased Weapon Variants… (COD WWII 2019)

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Call of Duty WWII is going to be getting some pretty major updates in the coming months, adding a ton of new weapons to the game along with previously unreleased variants of existing weapons!

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  1. I bought COD WWII in Aug 2018 and didn’t go through the awful start of the game and tbh… the game itself isn’t bad, with the exception of few maps… but overall it’s much better than BO4 & IW

  2. @Nero, after playing cod black ops 4 for a while I picked up this again, I’m one of those part time players who plays cod between work, family time and huge single player games, I have to say this made a huge decision for me. No more season passes, I jumped back to WW 2 and it was so nice to be able to enter a game and play on the extra maps I payed for, unlike black ops 4. After the last 3 Treyarch games which I really enjoyed I can’t believe they have stuffed up so badly.

  3. I wish they would come out with modern warfare 4 instead of ghost 2… But i lovee ww2 ome of my favs of all time. That all the modern warefares. And they should totally remaster black ops 1 and build up it. It would be a real COD fans dream….

  4. We want to See More Weapon to COD WW2 is Submachine Gun is Swedish K SMG, MP34, PPS-43, Austen, Beretta Model 1918, Hellriegel 1915 and Blyskawica.
    Assault Rifle is MAS-44, Ribeyrolles 1918, Farquhar-Hill and AG-42.
    Light Machine Gun is MG34, DP-28, MG 08/15, Parabellum mg14 17, Type 99,
    Modele 1924/29 and Chauchat.
    Sniper Rifle is MAS 36, M/1896 and CARCANO Rifle.
    Pistol is Nambu, Tokarev TT-30, Nagant M1895, Smith & Wesson Model 10 and Webley MK6.

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