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SUB and Drop a LIKE! Call of Duty World War 2 New DLC Weapons Coming to COD WW2 in 2019, In this video I talk about sledgehammer games and what they have said about new content coming to cod ww2 multiplayer this spring and what we can expect as fans of call of duty, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Call of Duty!

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  1. I though that dark matter SMG was cool I almost had like every weapon in this game some how from just grinding in mp and some he's in was a master prestige in both they had so many cool variants like the duck soups and the other variants were so cool along with the charns and the English oak lmg variant was beast

  2. Honestly I have 2 more guns to go to get dark ma on BO4. Soon as I do I'm getting back on BO3. I'll just play BO4 everytime it updates. Good game but bo3 is just better imo. Ww2 and infinite warfare here and there. I'll play ww2 for a week or 2 when it updates but that's probably about it

  3. Possible new weapons: Tokarev Pistol, Nagant Revolver, DP28, SKS, Krag Jorgensen, Chauchat, Charlton Automatic Rifle, Hotchkiss 1909, Lebel, Steyr Mannlicher, MG08/15, Owen gun, Boys anti-tank, S&W m10, ZH-29, Browning Auto 5, M50 Reising, FP LIBERATOR 🙂

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