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In this video I give a couple of quick tips on how you can outlive opponents fast in fortnite so you can get the max tier 100 skin fast in season 8!

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  1. I would like to camp and then kill myself but I'm kinda worried about my stats (my k/d and stuff), I have a 2.5 k/d but if I just keep dying without killing anyone it will go downhill

  2. it sucks that team rumble only lets you outlive 20 (if you win) or 19 (if you lose), it should be like: imagine you die twice, between those two deaths, the opponents that died should count

  3. Guys just play the game and you get it with out noticing if you look it after every game it feels slow just to t hink about it and you get it everytime you play the game 😛 im not hurrying or worrying about it its not gonna go away the challenge in the next season like the change from season 6 to 7 wolf challenges where there still but i gotta say this challenge is not fun or any of them is not fun its annoying and time consuming.. if someone says they're ''fun'' i dont get them .d

  4. All of them helped me thank you so much bro now I know what to do to Outlive Opponents!!!! Oh and I turned on notifications subscribe and liked hope you get a o 10 million subs soon bye!!!!!!!!

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