New Map Release Date AND Firestorm Map Changes! | Battlefield 5 News Update

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● EA has released plenty of information about the rest of this chapter’s content coming to Battlefield 5! Let’s take a look at it all!

● Full release notes:

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  1. The new map again looks thematically very unique. This has been one of the major stenghts of this game over its predecessors where a lot of maps felt very similar. I'm looking forward to it, anyways. 🙂

  2. I miss the old battlefield devs that made bad company 2 and battlefield 3, the new devs seem to be both trash and incompetent lmao

  3. Why the hell did Dice remove duo's from Firestorm AGAIN!! Solo is boring and random squads suck bigtime because most of your fellow squadmates die soon after landing….. And with random guys it is almost impossible to compete against squads that are in a clan and use headsets. Bring back duo's please!! Was way more fun imo!

  4. We all knew that they would wait the very last day! Damn u DICE, u could've surprise us but the then again that would be a surprise!
    GG Lossy!

  5. Monte Grappa on Operations was how I got my SPM on BF1 to #1 in the UK. Loved that map… only played it as attacking though. Looking forward to the new map!

  6. Fuck firestorm guys needs to stop and resources into a mode that core Battlefield players don't want to play and put more resources into things like maps and weapons and Bug fixes Firestorm is a fad a throw away way mode they won't see it in the next release

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