Ninja Gets Outplayed By A Strange Trap Strat| The new META?| Nickmercs talks about Facials

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Ninja Gets Outplayed By A Strange Trap Strat | Nickmercs talks about Facials

Fortnite Players in this Video! (Note. Not all of Them are here, i take random clips from all of them but the text on top right should tell you which streamer you are watching specifically)



  1. What the fuck who ever made this video is retarded and the title of this clip is completely untrue it’s not a new meta it’s when ur opponent knows there fucked so they quickly place a trap damn stop trying make shit go viral deadass…

  2. Anyone's opinion who doesn't like Wii music doesn't matter!! Facts!! Also jesus christ, the meta thing is added for dramatic and interactive purpuses, get over it.

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