Ranking Every Fortnite Live Event From Worst To Best

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The Best And Worst Fortnite Live Events Ranked

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One of the most amazing things about Fortnite is the fact that it’s a living, breathing, changing world. A week away from Fortnite can feel like an eternity because of this and, to top it all off, there’ve been so many live events throughout the years that’ve completely changed the game for good, and sometimes for bad, so today, we’re going to share our rankings of every…


  1. Here's my list for the Main Live Events

    7: Ice Storm Event
    6: Cube Melting
    5: Rift Event
    4: Rocket Event
    3: Butterfly Event
    2: Marshmello Event
    1: Vault/Eruption Event

    Here's my list for Smaller Events (that I remeber)

    9: Fortnitemares
    8: Meteor Approaching
    7: New Years Celebration!!
    6: Digger
    5: Iceberg Impact/Approaching
    4: The Wandering Cube
    3: The Running Runes
    2: Polar Peak Melting
    1: The Floating Island

  2. So, marshmello concert or the gateway/volcano/that half of players(including myself) didn't get to see event?

    Personally, because I didn't see the gateway event, marshmello was better.

  3. mine in order:

    10: new years
    9: marshmallow
    8: Cube Spawning
    7: Ice Storm
    6: Fortnitemares
    5: Cube going into Loot Lake
    4: Meteor
    3: Volcanic Eruption/Nexus Event
    2: Butterfly event
    1: Rocket launch

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