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  1. the BO in game currency system is the best as far as im concerned. I don't think that's ever coming back tho. even ww2 did it really well with in game currency, with supply drops, but you could get all of the weapons through contracts and the in game currency. I liked that. BO is great tho 😀

  2. Hey Korean. You've inspired me to eat to be a youtuber again. It's something I shoulve started a long time ago. But it's not late and I have to follow my dreams and heart.

  3. I think the tiers are best. Bc no one person is gonna get an OP DLC weapon like with supply drops. Because in black ops 3 it sucked going up against a person who had the DLC guns bc they were OP and the only thing you could do about it was spend hundreds of dollars and hope u get a DLC gun or get lucky enough to get it by using crypto Keys.

  4. Fr don't worry bout them little kids tellin you how to make your vids. I absolutely love watching/listening to your inspirational videos. They make me look at life in a better way and help me connect to you so much more. Thank you for your amazing and kind words. You've no doubt helped so many people in life you don't even know. Bro fr keep it up, keep it real💯🔥💪❤

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