RTX 2080 Ti Battlefield 5 | 1440P | Ultra Settings | i7 8700K

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RTX 2080 Ti Battlefield 5 | 1440P | Ultra Settings | i7 8700K

Battlefield 5 RTX 2080 Ti gameplay benchmark at 1440P using 32GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM and an i7 8700K CPU. The 2080 ti was not overclocked, so this is pretty much what you can expect out of the box when playing BF5 with a 2080 Ti.

I plan to test Battlefield 5 with my other GPUs aswell. That’s the GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2070 and RTX 2080. If you would like to see any of these then hit the subscribe button and enable notifications…


  1. Giveaway Announcement: We're giving away 2 PC keys for Battlefield 5. One will go to our 1000th Subscriber, and for those who are already subscribed, just leave a comment below with your thoughts on the 2080Ti compared to the 1080Ti to enter. Good luck.

  2. Hello,can you please tell me with one is better if you know 😛 Evga rtx 2080ti ftw3 or Evga rtx 2080ti Hybrid, do you think watercooling is better or air cooling,thanks. For temps and noise.

  3. Hi , i built my pc recently, msi 2080TI trio with 9900K , 3200 RAM, with same setting RTX OFF I only got 100-120 FPS on gameplay Sometimes FPS drops even below 60 ,this is really wired … . I read your comment that you use DX 11 on this game.. but I use DX 12 . Would u think that DX 11 give better performance than DX 12?

  4. wow, thats impressive for a gcard.. i have the 8700 and just a 2080, having to lower a couple of settings to get a constant 120 with 0 drops at all for complete smooth frame times. maybe i should of forked out for the ti lol -.- although it still cant seem to keep a solid 120 fps, maybe if you ran it now however, with updates it might be able to.. its all about that perfect frametime for me

  5. i refuse to believe these fucking benchmarks, i have a 7700k and only get on average 120fps on lowest settings and 80 on ultra?????????? WHAT IS THIS LIE! I am around 80% cpu usage and 50% gpu usage.

  6. Hi, I have a question. How do you manage to keep the gpu usage above 90%? I have just recently build a new rig with i7 8700k @4.7ghz and RTX 2080 TI FE and I can't seem to get full utilization in battlefield v I get around 78-91% unstable keeps going up and down. I play in 1440p too. Please help:)

  7. By using controller over m&k you put yourself in disadvantage, if you decide to switch it will be a long and painful process but it will be worth it 🙂 good video though just the information I needed:)

  8. That is incredible HOW tech has come a long way.. It impresses me so much. I saw the same game at 1080P Medium graphics with my GTX 780 along with my old i7 4770k and i'm gettin 37-60+ fps ON MEDIUM ! And you runnin this game at 1440P ULTRA at 110-140 all the damn time without significant dropframe, I'm impress by the new tech, humans are so intelligents hahahaha

  9. now i know why my 2080 wont give me more than 50 fps on this map… i think my cpu is outdated. i have the 4930k i belive the name is.. prob should upgrade to this 8700k aswell.

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