Satchel Charge & Saboteur (Call of Duty: WWII)

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Call of Duty WW2 MG15:
CoD WW2 Satchel Charges got a big buff this past week after the free Saboteur basic training was introducted. This makes WWII satchel charges function kind of like C4 from old CoD games and lets your airburst it. Today’s video is short and more of PS or plz nerf this kind of video. The strategy is fun but may become annoying if it gets too popular.
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  2. I feel like they've done a really good job balancing weapons and perks in this game for the most part. But this…. This is a monstrosity from the MW3 days with that one gold MP7 mega beast mode c4 sandwich try hard that was always on the other team blowing you up every 15 seconds on Dome.

  3. You're using a shotgun, there's no range for it. This helps with that since you can throw it pretty far with expeditionary. It doesn't need a nerf, there's just too many cry babies.

  4. It's annoying in Hardpoint and Domination, but it can be easily countered. The Panzerschrek has more range than throwing a satchel charge and has the same blast radius and lethality if not more.

    Every time I encounter a satchel charge troll, I pull out my armored class with the Panzerschrek and absolutely obliterate said troll.

  5. Ya air bursting C4s ruins game [sarcasm], like in BO2 the best COD of all time to me and most, Its actually the ONLY reason i still play the game is boiling steamy hot garbage game

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