Should you PLAY CLAW? Claw vs. No claw – Fortnite controller tips! Fortnite tips!

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Hey guys, in this video today we’ll be discussing whether or not you should play claw. This is a discussion about the controller grip claw, if you were wondering how to play claw, or what claw was, we will discuss it in this video. I think it’s an interesting topic, and some of you guys have been asking me to do a fortnite video on claw. If you guys play fortnite using claw, let me know!


  1. Not enough money for a scuf and didn’t like joysticks binds at all so I switched to claw maybe season 6 and I can tell you it will make you improve aLOT. And no it doesn’t hurt like everyone says it’s just the learning process and being a bot for a week that hurts lmao

  2. How many hours should you practice in fortnite in order to get better
    And which is better to practice in? team rumble, creative or just playing solos

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