Sly Gameplay – Call Of Duty World At War Epic Moments Compilation Vol.4

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It really puts it in perspective of how high-quality COD used to be whenever you go back and play the classics.


  1. Meanwhile in COD WW2 i shoot a guy in the chest with a bazooka and no damage is shown whatsoever. It looks like he is napping on the floor. They really screwed up the gore system in that game. WAW is 8 yrs older and has better gore than WW2

  2. what i loved about this game aside from to color and the atmosphere, was how brutal the game was. gibs, guts, blown legs, decapitations… it's very disturbing for people who dont play these games a lot, and if you stay quiet you can actually see how this violence pays off, with enemy soldiers screaming in pain and in some parts of the campaign, being sad and desperate because they know it's the end.
    such details i just found again in Spec Ops The Line.

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