Sniper Sunday – M98B & CTF (Battlefield 3 Gameplay/Commentary/Review)

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Sniper Sunday – JNG-90 + M1911 = Good Times

Hey guys, It’s time for Sniper Sunday. Enjoy!

LevelCap’s Computer Hardware:


Recorded with Avermedia Live Gamer HD:…


  1. Playing this in 2018. Your assumptions conjugated with stats are absolutely correct. I was running with this in Noshahr Canals in TDM mode and I noticed that even a target taking cover and I manage to shoot him at the last moment which I found hard to do with JNG 90 but as you said the hip fire on the JNG 90 is much better even suppressed.

  2. well its long ago, but he obviously was a noob with the bolt action back then, just about second best kdr and the most kills? shame on you lvl for that beginning of your sniper career. ^^

  3. Prob need to do this on your bf4 vids but
    AUG A3
    Iron Sights
    Flash Sup.
    Underslung Rail
    Gadget 1:Dart 21 Frag rounds
    Gadget 2: Your choice
    Ammo spec
    any camo

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