STILL The Most OVERPOWERED BF5 Strategy? – Battlefield 5

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STILL The Most OVERPOWERED BF5 Strategy? – Battlefield 5.

A while ago I made a video proclaiming that lying prone is the most overpowered strategy in Battlefield V. But is this still the case? With recent visibility changes, has this altered the flow of BF5 and the commonly seen behaviours? Today we’ll talk about that and the overall feel of playing Battlefield 5.

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  1. How have you found the visibility changes? What do you think of the power of going prone at the minute? Let me know.


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  2. The problem comes from the mmg that you have to use prone
    For that reason i only use Lewis even playing german. I would prefer using an mg for roleplay but this aiming mechanic of mmg a pain. Realistic sure. But it oblige you To be very static.
    Anyway i m ok with the visibility of the game. You have To be caution and not To rush like a dumb.

  3. I feel like the only people who actually like that proning makes you invisible are the people who abuse it and hard camp in rubble. I wish dice would just bring back spotting there was nothing wrong with it.

  4. I think that the visibility is perfect and forces you to play this game tactically. First clip, had you slowly walked into the square he would have fired and you could have taken cover, then Grenaded or returned fire instead of running around like a total noob and dieing. The visibility isent bad, this isn’t battlefield 1. You need to change your play style or continue dieing like an idiot

  5. Just get rid of the support class from the game, the MMGs are ruining this game. I know they won't, but the game will die if something isnt done and it'll just be a bunch of ground humpers laying waiting for each other to move

  6. real problem is people who abuse it. Just a thought , if Dice remove proneing, I would think this would force some player too engage in combat then camping, it would also allow every players be a lot more visble If they only crouch like rest of BF Game. This wouldn't effects any player useing camo in bushes or grass, cause terrain can be destroy . but that just thought.

  7. I think BFV is a lot better of a game with the patches. It is still difficult to see prone people sometimes ;however as a veteran player I can tell you that prone people don't stop me from getting loads of kills and if you have some skill it won't bother you too much. Looking forward to Firestorm and new maps

  8. I finally quit BFV and return to my love BF1, there is something with this game that makes me angry all the time 1-visibility "before & after patch" I think the problem is that they want it to be super realistic so the made soldier clothes exactly like surrounding environment and the result was that visibility issues unlike BF1 when you can differentiate enemies from envi. 2-very huge maps 3- The play style favors players that camp , snipe and defend

  9. Why don't they get rid of the prone ability or camo altogether or slow down the time to kill, turn up the brightness fkn wingebags shut up ta fuck, there's girls in the game, get over yourself move on …….

  10. Bugs are everywhere in this game and even graphics sucks if you look far away from you,if you check this on arras or twisted steel you will see how trees or rocks looks,like shit
    And this stupid co op mode doesnt even work for me,it starts loading and then goes back to previews screen all the time,hahahaha doesnt even start……im talking about ps4 pro
    Well done dice or ea you made this game so bad and boring
    Sorry about my english if is bad

  11. You're not gonna be happy till we're all glowing like ghosts or shooting at doritos again are you? enough already. You got a small boost to visibility which was already just fine. leave it alone PLEASE!

  12. Campers gonna camp, nothing you can do about it. Maybe you can get the camp snipers to PTFO and actually use their flare guns for their teams, but honestly you'd have a better chance of getting medics to actually revive people and that isn't going to happen either.

  13. It comes down to squad play for me. In a good squad a prone player may kill our first player in but the others will spot him. A good fix would be to have the recon class spotting flare be replenished with the support ammo crate. Pushing objectives is a lot easier with a mobile spotting recon next to you

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