Testing my brother's SKILLS on the BATTLEFIELD | RUST (S1-E4)

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  1. Hey Fridu. Hope you are good. Keep up the good work. My comment has no relation to this video. Just an idea that would like to see someone try out. You are the only youtuber i have messaged and my favourite… so thought id share with you.
    I see so many things being despawned when boxes are assorted… how about…. leave a box outside the base and let passers pick up whatever they need? It feels like a waste to me. And if you start this. And others carry on this kind gesture then Rust could potentially become a nicer environment.

    Sorry for the essay.

    Take care. All the best.

  2. Yesss, dawg! Been waiting all week. I get so extra happy when I notice Gumby with you too. Your teamwork with him is unmatched, always good content! ❤

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