The 7 Best Tips to Learn Claw – Fortnite

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This is just a quick video of the 7 best tips that i put together to learn how to play claw. this was a highly requested video in my streams and comments so here it is..

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  1. which tip helped you the most? Remember if you want to support more high quality video like this, creator code 'Flea' in the item shop. I love u guys💜 100k otw

  2. Flea I need your help so I bought a FPS dominator and I’ve been playing 2 weeks and I’m average but I feel like playing claw bc I use my index finger to use my pick axe and open doors ‘ pick up weapons and it feels more comfortable but idk if I should switch please help and I love watching your videos bc there so soothing and not loud so please replyyy thank youuuu

  3. PS4 luck they get to use both sides of their controller claw style. I’ve been playing claw my whole gaming life on Xbox but only one side of the controller can be used claw.

  4. So I started practicing claw since yesterday and it’s pretty easy😀 i thought I wasn’t gonna be able to do claw since I have small hands but I can lol if you read this give it a try💯

  5. thank you so much, since I am trying learn claw and since I play on pc I can't play claw so I am seeing lots of good controller players that are pros like Aydan, sway, ex, and ect

  6. Thank you so much! It took me from Monday – Sunday to get used to claw.

    I consider myself a really good player now. I'm getting higher kill games Now, my aim has improved and the same with my building.

    This is coming from a 14 year old South African who plays with 170+ ping ♡

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