The Cheating Problem in Battlefield 5

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Cheating in Battlefield 5 is potentially getting out of control. So many people are complaining about cheaters and many don’t seem to be getting banned. In this video I discuss what constitutes cheating in Battlefield and why DICE are struggling to ban them.


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  1. Macros aren't cheating every single gaming keyboard or mouse offers macros/key binding if i set the number 0 key on my mouse to jump im not now cheating

  2. There are cheaters that have 3or 4 accounts on console and they play battlefield 5 and they have 3 or 4 consoles up and running while playing look it up a youtuber named SMK Gaming console cheaters exposed that's what the video is called very interesting and only pansey babies cheat bunch of no life losers

  3. Tbh i don't think that BF V has a big cheating problem. In 70hrs of gameplay i've just seen one obviously cheater, but i can just talk for EU servers. The other guys (with kd's of 5, 10 or higher) are just playing with good squadmates, but all the kids call them cheaters.

  4. I think ANYONE who gets caught cheating should have their complete Origin account BANNED ! Every game everything there whole account Banned permanently… no warning nothing just banned… everyone knows hacking is against the rules …you read this EA/Dice ,,, ban their whole account,, when they have to keep re-buying their entire game library it will hit home alot more than having just to buy one game ..just ban Origin to their home IP ,, and wipe out their Origin account they will think twice before doing it again..

  5. rsp will the fix the hacker problem some say they hate the admin abuse but just find a good server with good admins and go back .on bf4 thats how i met the guys i play with now we would all play one server with good admins

  6. I am not in for any form of custom anti-cheat plugins run by people. I got banned on BF4DB for apparently using aimbot (never have done so in my whole gaming career and I was a pro on RTCW/ET :/). Plugins run by 3rd party are usually way worse than run by game dev themselves. Overwatch, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Counter Strike use a system which guarantees/guaranteed no cheaters (since CS:GO moved to F2P cheaters rose in numbers by 10x tho and VAC is slowly, but surely banning their accounts)
    Overwatch uses custom plugin, but PUGB and RS are using Battleye. The most common AC used nowadays and most secure one to boot!.

  7. Aimbot, wall hack, multiple account ghost players are all definitely cheating. They use multiple accounts in console to cheat. Have their ghost accounts take your vehicles and sit.

  8. I've honestly stopped playing due to the amount of cheaters you run into and it's blatantly obvious they're doing it, I wanted to do the Lightening strikes campaign but when I get into game and you see the one man armies decimating the enemy teams I just sigh log off and play something else.

  9. This is a topic that goes back decades and there is a lot to unpack.

    Cheating has gone on ever since people could play multiplayer games for a variety of reasons. They range anywhere from frustration at getting destroyed constantly in a game and want to be the destroyer, to holding servers hostage by making sure players can't enjoy an experience. While DICE and EA have an obligation to do their best to combat cheaters in multiplayer games, their solutions should only be viewed as a first line of defense. There are far too many ways around anticheat solutions and a lot of companies that sell cheats spend a ton of time being ahead of the curve.

    The only definitive way of making sure cheaters aren't running wild is by giving server owners proper admin tools, which have been stripped away by a considerable amount over the years. A decade ago, you could freely spectate a player suspected of cheating, catalog it, and take appropriate action. Of course anyone that is making a ban or kick decision needs to be considerably experienced with the game in order to pass judgement, professional players get banned all the time by dunking on other players. By giving server owners and their admins/moderators power to properly police their community, and the tools to do so, these issues wouldn't be talked about as much because cheaters couldn't just be full on blatant about it. I ran a COD4 server and community for a large number of years and have seen it all, and there is absolutely nothing EA or DICE can do to stop people that just want to cheat. That comes down to the community.

    Hardware bans, IP bans, account bans, cd key bans, or whatever else will only stop a hacker for so long. There are so many tools out there that let you bypass just about any ban you attempt to put on a player, and there is only so much you can do without impacting consumers too much.

  10. If someone wants to adjust texture files and make the game look like piss to be able to see a little better let them…. they have to look at that horrible POS! I remember people doing this back in the days of Q3 lan parties. A couple guys would remove a ton of textures so you could see through rockets and explosions

  11. Didn’t bother buying this game neither did my mates knew it was gunna be shit after that first trailer. I was really hoping for a modern shooter I grew pretty tired of bf1 quickly which put me off world war shooters.
    I reckon or I’m hoping that EA should know not to fuck up this next one and will come back with a modern one.

  12. I can at least understand cheating when it comes to streamers, E sports and grinders as there's a financial incentive there. What I can't understand is the mindset behind the average cheater who will purchase an aimbot/esp hack/no recoil script (usually from a Russian based site) simply to get an advantage. When you're playing a game for fun as most people do, the fun for a normal person is the learning curve itself. It's about making mistakes, learning where you went wrong and then getting better where you can see your progress over time.

    Those old enough to remember the days before internet gaming e.g. the Mega Drive years and even beyond to the days of the Spectrum/Commodore/Amiga 5000/Amstrad etc will remember the effect that cheat codes had. They were fun at first but they had the effect of you quickly losing interest in the game. They were generally something you used in order to get more out of the game once you had completed it.

    As for the answer to this cancer that is damaging fps/br games on the PC platform, the only solution is to HWID ban them imo. Account banning doesn't work as they'll only create a new account. The Devs are going to have to start coming down hard on the problem as it's destroying the fps/br genre. It's why allot of PC gamers will chose to play these types of games on console.

  13. Good video. The graphics exploit has been used in War Thunder for 5ish years. The developer there wouldn't change the min settings because they wanted to include players with bad PCs. So Dice will likely not do anything with that. I hate the BF franchise and will never buy because of the cheating. I did some research on it and found cheat program developers peddling their wares for anyone to find using simple google searches. The websites have comments sections where you can see hundreds of players asking things like… "how soon for the xyz patch update?" There are even youtube videos that the cheat creators use to sell their products. Meanwhile Dice does nothing and the community point fingers and shames the accusers.

  14. dice have been banning people for that graphic hack where the graphics details are lowered as it isnt possible within the game display settings so they see it as using a third party program to gain an advantage, and a lot of people got banned for it.

  15. Cheating is cheating, GTA V or not. That's a bit hypocritical to be fair… double standards come to mind, its okay in some games because it enhances game play.

  16. i was called a cheater and called had racial remarks from a player just because i was using an LMG suppress marking on an area their team is clustered in and shot at their markers through the smoke….. these kind of people should get banned too.

  17. With no active human admin monitoring a server, its tough luck. But CoD and BF don't wanna support publicly downloadable dedicated server software. Hah! They dont even allow you to rent and admin a server. This is PC for you. Back in the early 2000's with games such as Medal Of Honour there were aim bots and wallhacks. And the community playing in the server knew each other, knew when something was dodgy, knew when someone was cheating. The admins even made custom anti-cheats and many other deterrents to aimbots and wallhacks. Cheaters entering those servers most often than not would be steadfastly banned or kicked.

  18. Funny how users saying no cheaters on consoles i have thousands of hours of proof from hardline bf4 bf1 bfv u name it also console encryptment has been exploited as well as routers of cheating from players cheating and using them 2 send me deaththreats threats with weapons etc stalk target and harass there competition costing me more than 600 and placing ip traces on 5000 in devices from wifi router and ill tell u how they did it and people like me who expose this etc even hiring hackers 2 target them with windows intrusion and backdoorfirmware 4 ip adresses stalking i have receipt 4 that 2 if u wanna say prove it lol same 1s saying no cheats on console are cheating themselves hands down wasnt born yesterday its ridiculous how desperate people are 2 b so called pros nowdays smh and i know im not the only 1 theve done this 2 say what u want

  19. I play on PC and Xbox1X. But I only play shooters like BF5 on the console. Never used to be like that, but the amount of cheating on PC means I just can't be bothered with it anymore.

  20. I quit playing battlefield on the PC because of all the cheating. I'm starting to see it on the consoles. It's not enough to ruin it but much worse and I'm done there and my dollars will be spent on other things.

  21. This is why I laugh when people make comments like “you console players would get destroyed on pc BF5 because those guys are more skilled.” Yeah…. more skilled at CHEATING🤣. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good pc gamers that don’t cheap but there are console players that are just as good. With that said, great video! Keep up the good work👍🏾

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