The MG42 is an Absolute Savage in Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V MG42 roleplaying as a German Machine Gunner is very fun, the MG42 just shreds! So much fun to play with this thing, but it is quite challenging! A new episode of Across the Battlefield, leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. They need to make suppression actually screw with the suppressed soldiers' ability to aim. Right now, suppressive fire is basically worthless other than to temporarily mark enemy position(s), which makes no sense whatsoever – nobody is going to be able to steadily aim when they've got Hitler's buzz saw peppering their area, and that's the real purpose of a medium machine gun anyway. I can understand them not wanting to do that with the lighter, more mobile weapons but come on…

  2. Yep this gun is a god did 2 games with 40+ kills 10d deaths if only you could have the rate of fire increase and extended ammo you’d be unstoppable but oh well

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