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In this video I review the second Exo Zombies Map Infection and explain why I think it’s the worst map in call of duty zombies. This is the second video in a 4 part series where I review all of the zombies maps in Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombies mode.
Infection is commonly referred to as burger town in the zombies community.

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  1. I never get past that Goliath so I’ve never seen the infection zones but I like the upgrade system it’s challenging but nice in its own way like how the gun stays upgraded even if you sell them I mean it’s not as powerful as the treyarch PaP system but has its, for me, was fun and personally I more or less love advance warfare on all modes and I think despite infection is a great game and is much to overlooked

  2. Though I never played any non Treyarch Zombies maps other than the very first maps of IW Zombies and AW Exo Zombies, I just loved the High Ground joke. Thanks, Nixaru.

  3. Infection is my favorite Exo map…I was originally only going to get this map but the SP was on sale so I have all of them, and this is still my main map in AW

  4. If you ask me, I believe that Sledgehammer for how they started the Exo Zombies story when you think of it the Zombies mode is intertwined to multiplayer, because the CEL shotgun is in multiplayer, it makes another reason why Sentinel Operators are taking out Atlas PMC's

  5. Infection was an average map. Definitely not the worse. So many places to train, however the survival aspect and the toxic zones made the map pretty tough on the later rounds. Surviving round 30+ becomes a massive challenge. However in my own opinion AW guns were decent so Infection was alright to play on

  6. Hmm I actually quite enjoyed this map just because of how easy it was to train Zombies + it's the only Easter egg I've ever beaten for a zombies map. I also liked the intensity of the map.

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