This Is An ABSOLUTE DISASTER… More Delay & Disappointment 😠 Battlefield 5 Update 4.6

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More delays & disappointment are coming for Battlefield 5 and the 4.6 Update… this is an absolute disaster.
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  1. I have had nothing but disconnects since the patch ! Anyone else having the same problem ?? Can't join party's automatic disconnect as soon as i hit the [x] button. When i start the game it say i'm not connected and must hit right bumper every time . any touch of this [x] button disconns me . i'm speaking of the home button. the green x center button .

  2. Battlefield V is such a waste of potential for a proper WWII Battlefield game. They should have delayed it a year, made it historical accurate and should have acted decent to fans… I got the game last December and I barely played it..

  3. DICE should take lessons from IO Interactive on how to run a live service. They've been supporting Hitman 2 since it came out and NEVER missed a launch date or chance to communicate with players properly.

  4. This game has been the biggest failure I've ever seen. I'm about to go buy a 360 and go buy bc2 and play the Vietnam expansion. This has been so bad I stopped playing after firestorm came out. Never in my life have I ever stopped playing a BF game out of disgust and frustration.

  5. I hate the fact that they remove domination from battlefield V that my favorite mode and alot of my friends are saying the same thing too, so are they going to bring it back???

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