This SECRET makes everyone SALTY ! Battlefield 5

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This Battlefield 5 secret makes everyone extremely salty! Even squad mates will think you’re hacking or cheating, and some will even start spectating you 😛

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  1. He's on PC of course its going to be different than the console trash we got stuck with and it wouldnt surprise me if he's taking y'all for a ride.

    Pull your skirt down and stop cheerleading

    Pretty sad this is what you do to get self validation.

  2. One shot kills with shot gun… Ohkaaay

    Tell me why it takes 3 shots with the same gun max set up to the head if you don't get shot in the back or side first.

    Definitely using something

    Bring the hate I'm calling bs

  3. I don’t understand how people did not know about that. The game has been out for how long now. Like I grined grand operations on that map for 2 weeks and I found that out

  4. Whats making this game bad is player complaining about other player gaming style….l only their own way is the proper way to play.

  5. No joke, but it just doesnt get to my head why people cant seem to realise that a shotgun at five range will just delete you from existense, no matter if you come with an lmg or whatever. GEEZ..

  6. This video makes me so ####### angry! Not because of the gameplay, but because he gets no orange symbols and EVERY HIT REGISTERS omg D: It looks like the hit detection from bad company 2! I'm jelly

  7. 1:58 <— can't get you up …sorry… 😐 The time you waisted and spent on throwing a grenade and killing other players, you could revive your teammate. You should better said : I don't want to revive you dude. Sorry…Getting kills is more important.

  8. lol if using other weapon and always headshot probably i will also suspicious, but using SG and be called aimbot "???", i am also SG user fully upgrade SG can 1 shot dead in close range especially against super blind enemies, LOL.

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