WHAT MADE BAD COMPANY 2 GREAT – Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Bad Company 2 is now 8 years old! There are many reasons as to what made Battlefield bad Company 2 great. Let us know yours! 😀

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  1. Loved the campaign but can't say the same for the multiplayer because I never played it too late now to take interest in it now you should do a video on how destructible environment negatively and positively affects combat

  2. Battlefield Bad : Company 2 was a great game, but when I got Battlefield 1 now I cannot play back ! BF1 is far more different and "better", let's take a look at the BF1 survey, I would like to switch correct seat on BF1 PS4, specialy when I use the bombard plane, or maybe a jeep or light armored vehicule.

  3. I just loved how the lock-on weapons (and lack of them in vehicles) were handled in Bad Company 2! Moreover, the aim-assist on consoles was perfect (i.e., no auto-rotation, no auto-tracking, only slowdown)!

  4. I like this Channel. Glad im part of the squad.. how long has this Channel been active?. This Channel desreve's a shit ton of subs. One day hooefully the next Title will make this channel more popular

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