Why is Battlefield Hardline Great on PC?

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Excited for Battlefield Hardline? We sat down with one of the developers to talk about what makes the PC version so awesome.

Prepare to hit the streets in a cops vs. criminals take on Battlefield. We chatted with Thaddeus Sasser, lead multiplayer designer of Battlefield Hardline, about all the things that went into making the game, and why the PC version is going to blow players away. Get those gaming rigs ready – Battlefield Hardline releases on March 17.


  1. no more preorders…..again it looks like they spend more money in advertising then development…. they talk how good this game is cars and taser gun and bla bla bla…. loads of bullshit… when you buy their game you end up in beta testing game..

  2. The BETA is OK. Not exquisite. It's lacking in the visuals department, as well as the vehicle physics department, too. I know graphics aren't everything, but I have a nice video card and I love games that show off what it can do (BF4 campaign). But Hardline is heavily lacking visually–it looks worse than BF3, which wasn't a bad looking game itself. WTF MAN? I don't get it. BF games have improved visually at each passing game… except Hardline. Who's dick do I have to suck to get some decent textures around here?

  3. "Because the netcode is even shittier than before, so when you and your enemy shoot each other, it really boils down to flipping a coin.
    We finally made an FPS game on PC that doesn't rely on any skills whatsoever, everything is just pure random clusterfuck."

  4. So…. Hardline is going to be great on PC… because one of the devs has played PC games… I didn't hear anything about why or WHAT they are doing to make Hardline a valid PC title and not it not ending up like a launch disaster ala BF4. 

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