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  1. Simon i really like your videos but if you start playing battlefield… Oh well… I know bf is better but at some point it gets really boring cause it is to slow and you don't get to rush and get sone kills. Have you played Ghosts on next-gen? because it is a lot better on ps4 than on ps3 the same for xbox 360. Please, play cod and battlefield! Don't srop playing cod. You have a comunity here. You have cod fans supporting you. Don't desapoint us 🙂 ( ps. Still like bf but bf videos are not so fun to watch).

  2. I like both franchises. I was unsure as to which game I was gonna get. Cod looks way too slow paced and bf4 was all buggy. So I just but bf4 and it's pretty good so far. I even payed conquest and I hated it before. Bf4 is the choice if you have money for one of these games. Hopefully cod will be better next year.

  3. I fink you awesome dude, u make me laugh eveytime I watch one of ya vidz. Its defo that Barnsley accent that dose it.
    Keep on playing bf4 dude, ill have a game with you. My g/tag is elite badboyz
    One the xbone got the 360 but since I have played on next generation consoles I won't play the 360 unless it's wi a mate for zombies 🙂

  4. Sup Si, BF4 is so good on the One, its all ive been playing since I got the Xbox 1, haven't even played two came on ghosts on the 1, Bf4 is just so much more fun, it just works so well, bf4 on 360 wasnt as great but on the 1 its all i play. 

  5. I don't even know why they bother with objective based modes, and the lag makes clan or league games pointless…can't wait to pick up my xbox one and BF4 next week, aggresive team play is where its at 🙂

  6. COD fan prefer (mostly young kids btw 13-16 year old) COD becuz:
    Fast pace (so they say, bullshit ofcourse)
    Looks better (No totally nononottt, its the fact and i can proof it)
    Need skills (Well the only skill u need is to c ur oppoent earlier than he sees u)
    We need OP gun so that everybody walks around with just 1 same gun (Clearly stupid)
    Cod story is awesome (ummm COD MW 4 began gud and end shit)
    MWMWMWMMW Modern warfare only!! (MW4 was fun and still best cod beside BOPS2 and WaW lol)

    BF fan prefer ( No young kids, all adults XD lol):
    Singleplayer, story??? Whats that? Srry what? (We dont need single playerfor BF, its all about online and local battlefield!!!)
    Bigggg maps (Big enough i think but why not)
    Moreeeee Destructive environment (This i agreeeee)
    Ban cheaters!!! (yes!!!!)
    Make the vehicle even more friendly to steer ( I mean the fly vehicles)
    Keep tweaking them guns (Sniping rifle is gud in BF4)

    In short

    COD: K/D, camp whole match long, 1 man army, no bullets drop (there none really?) rated for trolls and kids yelling throught mic.

    BF: Teamwork is the key, great amount of weapons with gud customs (could be better), Fuc K/D its about the object, playin with friends in a squad is a must, playing with random peoples meh.

  7. Lol I bet chap I cant wait, but its true though wat u said about ppl play the objective, I can remember a few months back playing on bf3 a guy had about 5 kills and 20 or so deaths but he ended up being the mvp as he kept capturing objectives and reviving ppl and droping med packs down, juat shows u dnt need to be a good player at bf to earn some serious points and trust me he did lol

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